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Competitive Proposals

Proposal Writing Services

Breaking into an established market can be tough. RFPs are often written with a specific bidder already in mind but you can still beat the odds.

Thalassic has experience on both sides of the RFP process so we know how the client and the competition think. Let Thalassic help you surprise them both.

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There is always more than meets the eye. Sometimes additional information about a project can be found beyond the publicized request. Let Thalassic help by using proven methods to give you the best chance for success!

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It's a common misconception that the lowest bidder always wins. This often is not the case with modern procurement procedures. An effective strategy can help suppliers see what makes your business special and Thalassic will work with you to use your differentiators to come out on top.

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All too often, Suppliers receive proposals that don't quite match their request. Rise above the competition by avoiding stacks of documents and give them exactly what they are looking for. Thalassic will write a custom proposal for you that a generic-response can't match.

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