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RFP, RFI, & RFQ Publishing

Procurement Services

Your business is worth competing for and it’s important that suppliers know it.

Thalassic will help you publish a request that helps drive competition so you receive proposals that are aggressively priced and easy to compare.

Image by Scott Graham


Often, RFPs contain too much or too little detail. Thalassic will help you gather the required information and produce a request that strikes the right balance to entice multiple competitive bids.

Image by Marvin Meyer


Suppliers can't bid on a project they don't know about. Thalassic will show you the platforms that work best for your industry and some of the tips to help get the word out.



Sometimes making a decision isn't easy. Thalassic can help organize the information in an easy-to-compare format that helps you reach a decision with confidence.

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